Welcome to Three Things, where guest authors and I write a 1,000-word max story based on the same three prompts. Enjoy!

Entries in A Pink Dress and Demons and Fangirl (3)


Wayward Son - by Dani Denatti

“There’s leftover ziti in the fridge,” Christina said.

Paul smiled. “Not for long.”

“And a lasagna in the freezer.”


Christina closed her suitcase and turned. “I could make some meatballs real quick …”

“If I didn’t know better,” Paul said, “I’d say you were stalling.”

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Berjazel - by Deb Rebisz

Donna tweezed her brows and waxed her upper lip before applying makeup. Comic Con was coming to her hometown, and the stars of Supernatural would be there, signing autographs. She was sure to get Jared’s attention this time... not like the embarrassment of 2009.

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What Is It Now? - by Lindsey Brown

Even with the AC blowing and goosebumps on my arms, I am sweating. Nerves are pulsing in my veins.

It has been years since we have talked. Longer since we have really seen one another. I cannot tell if that makes this more or less awkward.

Last time we saw one another ...

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