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Welcome to my world.

Would you care for some coffee? How about a nice cup of tea? I'll start the kettle while you make yourself comfortable. And then ...

I will tell you a story.




My husband says this page is confusing, because there are no stories here despite my having just said that I'd tell you a story. I thought it was kind of a given that this is a landing page, and one would click on the "Blog" tab to see the actual posts and stories, but then I also used to think crickets didn't fly and that assumption ended badly for me. Seriously. Texas crickets can fly for really long distances, although never at an altitude that exceeds the height of my head. Also, being from Texas means they're bigger than other crickets, and they have super sticky or possibly even barbed legs (which has nothing to do with Texas, but which DOES make it really, really hard to get them out of long, wavy hair when they fly through your office building and kamikaze into your head). And if, in the process of de-cricketing your hair, you accidentally knock one into your blouse, the only possible solution is to violently remove your blouse and flail around like a crazy woman in your co-worker's cubicle. Sorry about that, Karl. These crickets are assholes.


Hey, look — there's totally a story here now. I put one in without even meaning to. You win, Mark, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW???


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