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Berjazel - by Deb Rebisz

Donna tweezed her brows and waxed her upper lip before applying makeup. Comic Con was coming to her hometown, and the stars of Supernatural would be there, signing autographs. She was sure to get Jared’s attention this time... not like the embarrassment of 2009.

Six months ago, Donna began learning the summoning ritual. Last week she’d summoned her very own demon, and now it was her constant companion. She knew Jared would be very impressed. Berjazel wasn’t the brightest demon, but it eagerly served its master and that was all Donna could hope for. 

Donna finished her makeup, with serious attention to smokey eyes, long lashes, and deep red lipstick. Fangirling Jared Padalecki came as natural as breathing to her. In her heart, she knew he would return her feelings once he got to know her. She ran her hands down her hips and admired the snug-fitting, sequined pink dress she'd paired with high-heeled black pumps. She decided she looked amazing. It was time to get the demon and head to the convention center.

She entered the basement to get Berjazel. She sighed heavily when she saw the demon—its scaley hands covered in honey, trying to shake loose the single white feather stuck to its claw. The demon kept grabbing the feather with one hand, shaking it wildly, and then then grabbing it with the other hand, only to repeat the process. Donna had mistakenly thought all demons were clever and cunning. Apparently that was not true. Still, she had affection for the strange beast in an almost maternal way. Yes, Berjazel may be dimwitted. But he was hers.

“Berjazel, it’s time for us to have some fun! Do you want to go on an adventure with me?” Donna asked.

The demon happily leapt to its feet, forgetting the feather. It ran to Donna with an awkward loping gait, making disturbing purring noises and panting with excitement. It rapidly nodded its lizard-like head up and down. Donna stroked the sparse tuft of yellow hair on top of its head. A string of drool dripped from between the sharp fangs in Berjazel’s mouth. She gripped his head gently, bringing its eyes down level with her own.

“I need you to do something very important when we get to the big building.” The demon’s dull eyes blinked slowly, concentrating on her words. “I need you to bring me Jared. You have to be very gentle and not hurt him, okay?” A slow nod in response. “You’ll bring him back here where we can all play together. Does that sound like fun?”

Berjazel lips peeled back in a gruesome grin. This was going to be fun!


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