Welcome Back!

I recently returned to work after a long, child-rearing-focused absence, and I must admit it's both a relief and also demoralizing to see how little things have changed. After soaking up enough corporate culture to vomit buzzwords in my sleep, I decided to draw a comic strip to commemorate my triumphant return to the tech sector and corporate America.  

Yes, it's done entirely in PowerPoint, mostly because I suck at drawing but also because I'm too cheap to buy a real graphics program. And when it comes down to it, I doubt I could have found a better way to represent modern American business culture than using the wrong tools to create an inferior product which I will now market on the worst platform available. 

So here we are: the first stop on my path to COMPLETE INTERNET DOMINATION, MUAHAHA. The Oatmeal had better watch his back!


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